Many entrepreneurs are growing their own multilevel marketing or direct sales organization, to deliver dietary supplements and nutritional products to their customers and those of their downlines and sales teams. If you are involved in such a business business, this coruse claims to increase your ability to understand and help manage the essential legal risks.

Specifically, this course will cover:

  • The 3 greatest areas of legal risk, encompassing both state and federal law.
  • The 3 most important strategies for minimizing or managing your potential liability, and how to implement them.

Learn how your multilevel marketing or direct sales company may be compromising your legal rights and neglect to equip you to properly face legal risk. Find out why video testimonials by medical doctors about the products you’re selling actually raise legal issues rather than resolve them; how you can run your operation in good faith, yet run afoul of rules making unlicensed medical practice a crime; what to consider when selling supplements and nutritional products to physicians, nurses, and other health care providers; how the FDA and FTC might claims you make about the products and audit your website. Also gain valuable information about disclosures, disclaimers, and consents; how to handle legal risk; and how to make the most of your attorney time.

You’ll also get real examples from representation of actual clients in law practice. In other words, you don’t have to be satisfied with some generic instruction found off the Internet. Instead, learn from real experience. Take advantage of this incredible education today.

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